Gold Bullion

Gold is a actinic aspect with the attribute Au (Latin: aurum) and an diminutive amount of 79. It has been a awful approved adored metal in jewelry, in sculpture, and for beautification back the alpha of recorded history.

Now I wanna ask you? Is there’s anyone who don’t wish to accept any gold?

Maybe alone a aberration one that didn’t adulation gold. Honestly, I adulation gold, distinctively buy gold coin, but I don’t accept money to buy some gold.

So, I’ll try harder to get lot of money by alive in a cruise ship. So I can buy gold later.

Hey, something I’ve apperceive bender gold is that continued time ago, gold was acclimated for bullion. Yups, banknote is adored metals in aggregate form, and traded on article market. So, humans buy bullion. Until now, humans still buy banknote for their prestige.

16 thoughts on “Gold Bullion

  1. Ambune wangi tenan.
    Slip gaji dari adsense juga sudah keluar mas
    Pas untuk sangu ke Jogya he he he
    Salam hangat dari Surabaya


  2. Wah… keren pak, pake bahasa inggris segala..
    saya kira blog bapak bener-bener mau di tutup setelah postingan kemarin. Soalnya beberapa kali saya coba, blog ini tidak bisa di buka! hemm.. 🙂


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